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Offering more than 30 years of experience in SMT solutions

TransTechnology (“Trans-Tec”) was founded in 1988, serving businesses for 30 years and counting. With our experience comes a wealth of knowledge and expertise passed down from one generation to the next. Starting out in Singapore, our expansion is steady throughout the Southeast Asian regions, bringing our influence across national boundaries. The heart of Trans-Tec is being an SMT solutions provider, excelling in providing a comprehensive range of technologies to improve productivity in a wide variety of businesses, as well as be a supporting partner in recommending and implementing cost-effective measures in assembly-line driven industries to maximise revenue. We are the market leader on a global scale in sales, distribution, service, and technical training for a full line of SMT electronic manufacturing equipment. Operating out of 42 offices in 12 countries, we represent more than 19 world-class brands in our range of SMT solutions. inneraboutus Our stable financial position gives us the ability to support new start-ups as well as established facilities. Our excellent reputation for delivering exceptional products and services are founded by a strong consistency and precision in three factors:





Our product managers receive proper training in our own Trans-Tec Applications Lab to create a symbiosis of sales and service, which cushions our ability to support and fulfil your requirements, while achieving the best ROI possible with our comprehensive range of highly-configurable products. With our world-class engineering services and technical support experts, we will continue to support you with unparalleled dedication and commitment, because your business’ success creates value for us.