Select Coat® SL-940 Series


Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating System 'The Select Coat® conformal coating machine provides the highest productivity and quality for your automated coating processes.'  
  • •Integrated process controls ensure high-quality wet dispense performance
  • •Automated batch or in-line processing
  • •The modular design accommodates future production needs
  • •Easy Coat® software – allows programmers to set, measure, record, and trace process parameters
  • •Offline and online programming
  • •Choose from a wide range of options – to improve statistical process control, production uptime, and yield
  • •Downdraft air management system safely removes VOCs – meeting Low Flammable Limits (LFL) standards
  • •Designed for easy maintenance – stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and resistant to strong agents
Motion System Type: Closed-loop servo motors with encoders
X-travel: 500 mm
Y-travel: 525 mm
Z-travel: 100 mm maximum
Encoder Resolution: 0.005 mm. (0.0002 in.)
X-Y Velocity: 1.0 m/s (39.4 in./s)
X-Y Acceleration: 1 g peak with S-curve jerk control
Z-Axis Velocity: 250 mm/s (10 in/s)
X-Y Repeatability: 0.025 mm. (0.001 in.), 3 sigma
Z-Axis Repeatability: 0.025 mm. (0.001 in.), 3 sigma
X-Y Resolution: 0.010 mm. (0.0004 in.), 3 sigma
Z-Axis Resolution: 0.025 mm. (0.001 in.), 3 sigma
Positional Accuracy: 0.075 mm. (0.003 in.), 3 sigma
Dispense Area Dependent upon system configuration. Contact Nordson ASYMTEK for specifics.
Conveyor In-line: Standard chain conveyor Motor driven width adjustment: 35 to 475 mm (1.4 to 18.7 in.)
Maximum clearance: 100 mm (4 in.) above and below PCB
Maximum pallet/PCB weight: 5 kg (11 lbs.) [Optional: 7 kg (15 lbs.)]
Adjustable Tooling Rails Aluminum extrusion profile: The rail spacing is adjusted by moving the back rail
Width adjustment: 35 to 475 mm (1.4 to 18.7 in.)
Maximum clearance: 100 mm (4 in.) above and below PCB
Maximum pallet/PCB weight: 7 kg (15 lbs.)
Tooling plate is also available: Aluminum; 5 mm (0.2 in.) thickness;
508 x 508 mm (20 x 20 in.)
Fluid Delivery Methods Precise Non-Atomized Conformal Coating Application:
Select Coat® SC-104/105 film coater (heated, circulating)
Select Coat® SC-204/205 film coater (non-circulating)
Select Coat® SC-280 film coater (circulating and non-circulating)
Versatile Coating in Three Modes:
SC-200 Swirl Coat® applicator
SC-300 Swirl Coat® applicator
Highly Selective, Precision Jet Coating:
SC-400 PreciseCoat® jet
Versatile Valves:
DV-0x series
Power supply 200/240 VAC, 10 A (max), 50/60 Hz
Air supply source 620 kPa (90 psi. 6.2 Bar), up to 0.34 m3/min (20.4 m3/hr 12 SCFM) max depending on configuration
System footprint 1000 mm width x 1329 mm depth (39.3 x 52.3 in.)
Computer keyboard/monitor occupy additional 527 mm (20.7 in.) in the front Lower door requires 855 mm (33.7 in.) clearance to open in the front 1000 mm clearance in the rear is recommended
Weight 426 Kg (940 lbs.) max
Standard Features Applicator fluid and air pressures are software-controlled Solvent-purge station with cups
Door interlock controls
Downdraft ventilation with redundant safety vent switch
Stainless steel interior
Front access hatch with glass
Computer arm adjustable in height and right/left orientation
Easy Coat software