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Product Evaluations

Part of our capabilities involve acquiring a deeper understanding of your product, so that we are able to evaluate the processes that go into constructing the end-product.

Our engineers are highly experienced at conducting analyses of your product and processes, and provide the necessary advice to increase your efficiency and throughput. Should we see a potential area that can be filled with some of our solutions, we provide consultation to make sure that we equip you with the top-of-the-line SMT solutions to improve quality and increase productivity.

Simulations of our proposed solutions will be provided upon completion of your product evaluation, so that you may review our recommendations to get the most out of your SMT line.

Product Throughput Analysis

Get the most out of your production with our expert analysis of your production throughput.

We help you to put meaning into the numbers that are obtained through a thorough statistical analysis of your production throughput, and come up with a detailed report to give you a good idea of how your resources are being utilised.

Through an evaluation and consultation with production engineers, we come up with the best throughput and SMT solution for you using feature-rich software. With our input, we are able to propose a suitable approach to make sure your equipment is functioning at their optimal levels.

At the same time, we advise on equipment upgrades and conversions, should you wish to upgrade your SMT line to achieve better productivity for your business, and obtain maximum cost effectiveness.

Service Contracts

The importance of maintenance and servicing of your machines is severely underrated. Extensive neglect will cause more breakdown and thus result in extended periods of downtime.

With a focus on efficiency and immediacy, we recognise that any time lost in downtime results in an exponentially greater loss of profit margins for your business.

Our service contracts help you to:

  • Reduce downtime and maintain your machines carefully and properly to ensure the equipment lasts.
  • Forecast for repairs and the need for spare parts, which guarantees your machine remains up and running and works for you when you need it to
  • Conduct spare parts replacement programs
  • Conduct preventive maintenance for a reduced incidence of breakdown

Machine Installation & Training

Trans-tec also handles all installation and training for new equipment purchases.

Your assigned engineer will receive a hands-on training upon installation to impart the necessary skills that your operators and staff need to pick up in order to operate the machinery in the most effective way possible. We also invite you to our Trans-Tec Applications Lab for training sessions.

Should you require a longer period of training, we also provide extended knowledge transfer sessions that provide your team the assistance and support you need to achieve your production goals.

Our training includes:

  • Detailed knowledge transfer of operation instructions for the equipment, including step-by-step guidance, as well as multi-language instruction manuals
  • Calibration of installation and spare parts installation
  • Creation and compilation of component libraries