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Training & Troubleshooting
The complexity of SMT solutions vary from machine to machine, and running the software that operates the automated electronic assembly lines requires a degree of expertise in order to use them effectively. At Trans-Tec, we provide the necessary training, maintenance and education on safety precautions to take note when handling the machines. Some strategies that we impart to you include:
  • Changeover strategies for optimisation of loading and unloading of components and finished units: putting workflow processes in place so that less resources are devoted to unplanned user errors and unforeseen circumstances
  • Putting quality inspection systems in place that help to ensure that your product is produced with the right amount of precision and accuracy
  • Training for Troubleshooting: Ensure familiarity with processes, to enable self-troubleshooting for frequently encountered issues and problems
Our aim is to promote a spirit of self-sufficiency in maximising productivity, such that your business’ disruptions due to workflow and processes are kept to a minimum. At the same time, if the problems that you encounter are unsolvable with our strategies, we are also available to support you in troubleshooting.