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SMT Assembly Line Optimization

Trans-Tec offers SMT Assembly Line Optimization services designed to help our customers maximize the performance and output of their Yamaha SMT equipment. SMT optimization advisory can also be combined with SMT Operator Certification programs and on-site SMT maintenance and repair services to set up a one-stop service to get your assembly lines running at optimal capacity and keep them there.


The obvious goal of the SMT Optimization program is to help customers improve the performance of existing equipment lines, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Improving the SMT Working Ratio and Rate
  • Accelerating SMT Cycle Time


Trans-Tec will send a certified SMT analyst on-site to work with your team. The standard process involves an initial briefing, run-time analysis, process development and optimization, which can all usually be completed within approximately 2-working days.

Initial Consultation & Run-time Analysis
  • Consultation and briefing to identify and understand your SMT performance requirements
  • Review the full specification of your SMT production lines
  • Inspect the physical condition of each machine
  • Assess material handling
  • Monitor and document machine performance during actual production
Process Development
  • Identify production bottlenecks and defective output ratios
  • Compare productivity of SMT equipment versus maximum output ratios
  • Develop the SMT line productivity improvement plan
Training & Optimization
  • Work with the on-site production team to implement the SMT line productivity improvement plan
  • Train on-site SMT technicians and operators on proper maintenance scheduling and techniques
  • Train SMT operator for improved production handling
  • Formulate and instruct the on-site team on protocol for follow-up monitoring
  • Conduct post-mortem review on productivity improvements
  • Trans-Tec’s Optimization Advisory typically results in significant SMT productivity improvements as measured by cycle time and total output over the same period of time
  • On-site SMT operators have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of SMT processes and equipment
  • Machine maintenance procedures and scheduling are improved, extending the life of your line equipment
  • Develop best practices for monitoring and assessing the improvement of your line
  • Improve your bottom line through less downtime and higher levels of output

In addition, informal communication opportunities enable exchange between your SMT operations team and Trans-Tec’s technicians and analysts. Our Optimization team makes dozens of site visits per year, culminating in deep SMT experience that can benefit your team and your company.


If you think SMT Optimization could be of benefit to your organization, please contact us by reaching out via phone or email as provided on our contact page.