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    Creating program

    Data conversion and import are easy.

    • The data of the YS series mounters is completely imported into the inspection machine.
    • The inspection instruction sheet (inspection program) is automatically made from the assembly instruction sheet (mounting program).
    • Even when there are multiple mounters, the data is automatically summarized to one data, and then it is converted.
    • The directions of the coordinate system and the component orientations are integrated-controlled within the line.
    • The CAD data and the data of other company's mounters can also be converted.
  • Judging while flowing products: NG board needs to be rechecked with the actual board. / NG board needs to be rechecked with the images. / NG board needs to be rechecked with the smartphone.
  • Tuning with judgment results: Tuning can be made while flowing the products. / OK and NG products can be analyzed with the graph.
  • Analyzing: The trend can be understood, the data can be narrowed, and the subject can be found. / The product history can be traced back.