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    Solve gas supply instability in leak tests

    This equipment can generate a hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas just by supplying purified water. Capable of generating trace gases that comply with international standards in a safe and affordable manner.

    No gas cylinder required, thus reducing cost

    • No frequent purchase of gas cylinders is necessary, eliminating what was a significant burden in conventional leak tests. Accordingly, running costs can be reduced to approximately one-quarter of that of tests that use helium gas, and one-twentieth of those that use hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas.*

    *When 50 NL/min is used 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
    * Estimated by our company based on gas prices as of February 2020

    • Initiatives for safety

      Equipped with features such as a dual monitoring system that monitors the concentration of both hydrogen-nitrogen mixed gas and the atmospheric concentration within the equipment, an instant-stop function, and a safety exhaust function (patent pending), allowing safe operation of trace gas generation equipment with peace of mind.
    • Reduced burden on workers

      Gas can be generated simply by refilling with purified water, eliminating the need for the frequent gas cylinder replacement that is such a burden on workers. Users perform daily operations using the "Start" and "Stop" buttons, with no other troublesome settings required.
Producible hydrogen concentration
Max. 3.5vol%
Trace gas discharge flow rate
Max. 50NL/min
Trace gas discharge pressure
Max. 390kPa
Water supply
Purified water (electrical conductivity of 0.2 μS/cm or below)
External dimensions
(W)1,200mm x (H)1,770mm x (D)1,310mm
Approx. 600kg
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