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RD-500ds (Entry Level)

    Designed for Standard or Lead Free Solders, Large or Small Boards, Large or Small Components

    The RD-500ds features 700 watt upper and lower hot air heaters. By delivering hot air simultaneously from above and below, these units are able to evenly heat the component and solder connections.

    Standard Accessories

    • RS232C Cable
    • PCB Holder
    • Vacuum Pad, Large 1 pcs
    • RD-500ds USB Flash Memory (Operational Software, Driver & Instruction Manual)
    • Frame Grabber Card
    • Area Heater
    • Power Cable for Main Body
    • Composite Video Cable
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  • High Performance 3 Point Heating System for Lead Free Rework
  • Software and Set-up Tabs
  • 2 Point Auto-profile Function
  • Component Preparation, Alignment and Placement
  • Safety Features: The RD-500ds shares the same set of unique safety features that make operating the machine simple and safe.
Maximum PCB Size
400mm x 420mm (16" x 17")
Device Size Range
2mm -50mm
Placement Accuracy
+/- 0.025mm
Top Hot Air Heater
700Watt Hot Air
Bottom Hot Air Heater
700Watt Hot Air
Area Heater
400W x 3(IR) 1200Watt Total
Temperature Setting Range Top & Bottom Hot Air Heater
0 - 650 °C
Temperature Setting Range Area Heater
0 - 650 °C
PC Operating System
Controller (Optional PC-500 or Recommended)
Monitor Size
Optional 17 Inch LCD Display or Recommended
Overall Size
580W x 580D x 735H mm
Overall Weight
Approximately 50kg
Air Requirements
80L/min (0.2 - 1.0MPa)
Electrical Requirements
AC200-230V 2.6kW(1.4kW for Main Body, 1200W for Area Heater)