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    The Jade PRO is a hand load system, incorporating a universally adjustable tooling carrier capable of accommodating PCBs or pallets up to 457x508mm.
    The Jade PRO is configured with twin adjacent solder baths on independent Z axis drives. This achieves increased production flexibility by permitting use of two different nozzle tip sizes which can be allocated as process requirements dictate within any particular area on a PCB..

    The Jade PRO series is controlled by a PC, through PillarCOMM, a Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface with a PCB image display.

    Additionally our PillarPAD offline programming package allows the operator to produce programs independently from the machine using Gerber data.

  • DC servo drives
  • Integral PC and machine mounted monitor
  • Twin solder bath capability on independent Z axis
  • Inerted Nitrogen system
  • Internal fume extraction
  • Titanium Drop-Jet fluxer
  • Universally adjustable tooling carrier
  • Auto motorised wire solder feed & level detect
  • Solder bath coding – identifies correct bath for program
  • Solder wave height measurement and correction
  • Set of AP style solder nozzle tips
  • Thermal nozzle calibration system using integrated setting camera
  • Auto-nozzle conditioning system
  • Manual fiducial correction system
  • Colour programming camera
  • Process viewing camera(s)
  • Multilevel password protection
  • Light stack
  • PillarCOMM Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface
  • PillarPAD offline programming system
  • Lead-free compatible
  • Day-to-day service kit
1230mm / 48” to 2025mm / 80″- with light stack
1250mm / 49“ to 1700mm / 67”- with side auto changer
1495mm / 59” 1720mm / 68” with flux bottles
Board size
457mm x 508mm / 18”x 20”
Edge clearance:
Above / below 3mm
Height clearance
Above / below 40mm nominal 90mm max. top-side only
Most commonly used solder types – including lead-free
Solder pot capacity
20kg standard – 30kg large bath
AP style – 2.5mm to 16mm dia. Extended AP style – 2.5mm to 20mm dia. Micro nozzle – 1.5mm to 2.5mm Jet-Tip style – 6mm to 40mm dia. Jet-Wave style – up to 25mm width Special dedicated nozzles available upon request
Low maintenance Drop-Jet system. Low solids (below 8%), no clean flux, pressurised and inerted system, optional water-soluble system available
X, Y & Z Axis resolution
+/- 0.05mm
Nitrogen usage
Up to 40 litres gas/min per bath with standard AP solder nozzle, 5 bar pressure. Refer to Pillarhouse for Nitrogen usage requirement with dedicated multi-tube nozzle assemblies.
Nitrogen purity
99.995% or better
Air supply pressure
5 bar / 72 psi
ower supplies
Three-phase + neutral + PE
230V phase to neutral / 400V phase to phase
Maximum 9kVA per phase machine configuration dependent
Hand load
ntegral adjustable board guides, includes finger extensions and board clamps.
PillarCOMM Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface
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