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MY700 Jet Printer

    One versatile jet printing platform

    Twice the possibilities

    The future of SMT production is increasingly complex. Denser boards, a wider range of miniaturized components, more NPIs and erratic production schedules. As these high-mix challenges go mainstream, real productivity and throughput suffer. And we’ve only just seen the beginning. At Mycronic, we’ve devoted decades of experience to solving precisely these challenges. With the industry’s fastest, most flexible and most precise jet printing and dispensing systems.

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  • dual heads for productivity
  • dual lanes for smart board handling and buffering
  • high-speed, high-accuracy dispensing
  • solder paste and a wide range assembly fluids
  • board revisions on-the-fly and changeovers in no time
Machine-Printing frequency
1.080.000 DPH
Gantry XY, 3g DSP
1.600 kg 3.530 lbs
Solder pastes SMT adhesive
PCB-Max board size
510 x 580 mm**
PCB-Max -Min dot size
215 um*
PCB-Max -Max dot size
600 um*
PCB-Max -Board types
Rigid Flexible Stretchable
BGA QFN QFP POP 3D cavities Lead frame Pre-mounted Pin-in-Paste Broadband Flat chips
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