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    A fully automatic type of machine in which a work sheet is loaded/unloaded automatically.  Equipped with a magazine stocker and laser marker, this model is best suited for IC substrate continuity/insulation test.

  • Max. work sheet size : X120 x Y250mm
  • Max. test fixture size : When not rotating:X100 x Y100mm
  • Work sheet transfer : Loading:Automatic Unloading:Automatic
Application examples
IC substrate
Test capability : Max. number of test points
Upper head:2,046 / Lower head:2,046
Test capability : Work sheet size
X70~120mm / Y100~250mm
Test capability : Max. test range*1
Range excluding an area of X2.0 x Y4.0mm from four corners of work sheet
Test capability : Max. test fixture size
When rotating: No rotation / When not rotating : X100 x Y100mm
Test capability : Positioning accuracy*2
Test specifications : Determination method
Open/short (pass/fail determined based on specified resistance value)
Test specifications : Open test*2
Test range: 2 wire test 10Ω~ 10kΩ (0.5mA,10mA) 4 wire test 1mΩ~ 500Ω (10mA, 40mA, 100mA)
Test specifications : Open test*2
Open voltage: 15V ~ 50V
Test specifications : Open test*2
Test accuracy: 2 wire test ±10% (50Ω~ 10kΩ), ±5Ω (10Ω~ 50Ω) 4 wire test ±10% (1mΩ~ 500Ω)
Test specifications : Short test*2
Test range: 100kΩ~ 100MΩ
Test specifications : Short test*2
Test voltage: 50V ~ 250V
Test specifications : Short test*2
Test accuracy: ±10%
Test specifications : Options
μ Short test, Spark detection, Heating test, Non contact test
Work sheet transfer : Loading / Unloading
Image processing : Camera view
X2.4 x Y1.8mm (standard)
Image processing : Pattern detection
Pattern recognition via grayscale
Image processing : Illumination type
Transmission light, reflection light
Hardware : Interface
Hardware : Display
15 inch LCD with touch panel
Software : OS
Software : Production support function
Automatic fixture correction, output of test result log, automatic retry test, fixture stroke count
Usage environment : Weight
Approx. 3,700kg
Usage environment : Power supply
1-phase, 180 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 6kVA
Usage environment : Dry air
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