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Work Station (1000mm)


    This unit is used to link between SMD machines or board handling units. It also allows manual assembly work to be carried out.

  • User friendly ‘soft touch’ LED membrane control panel
  • Modular design
  • Stability enhanced by ‘robust design’
  • Laser carved stainless steel side guides for superior quality and durability
  • PCB inspection mode provided
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment
  • Different lengths available upon request
  • Multi-zone concept available upon request
  • Equipped with lighting features, single layer part tray and adjustable foot rest
  • Variable speed control
  • SMEMA compatible
  • Patented (SG Patent No.: 91261)
NTM1800-M:Machine Dimension (mm) L x W x H
1000 x 887 x 2190 mm
NTM1800-M:Fixed Point to Front Dimension (X)
438 mm
NTM1800-M:Weight (Approximately)
110 kg
NTM1800-L:Machine Dimension (mm) L x W x H
1000 x 1044 x 2190 mm
NTM1800-L:Fixed Point to Front Dimension (X)
438 mm
NTM1800-L:Weight (Approximately)
120 kg