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1936 Mark 7

    This new reflow oven platform revolutionizes the industry with several new ground breaking designs! This reflow oven incorporates all of the customer requests for lower Delta T, reduced nitrogen consumption and extended PM into a new low height package that makes it easy to see across the production floor. We invite you to visit any of our three locations to run profiles and gather DATA for yourself to see the strong advantages of the MK7 reflow oven for your production! Or if you prefer, send us your toughest pcb and we will run reflow soldering profiles and generate the data for you. We are happy to work with you to custom configure your reflow oven machines to suit your needs.

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  • Highest Yield Reflow Oven!
  • Lowest Delta T on the board
  • Lowest Nitrogen & Electrical Usage!
  • VOID Free Reflow Oven – with Vacuum option
  • Industry 4.0 Compatibility
  • Integrated Cpk software at No Charge!