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Leak Tester for Aluminum Wheels

    The leak tester is specially used for aluminum wheels for automobiles and motorcycles. Accurate inspection is automatically conducted by using the automatic wheel size detection function and automatic equipment condition checking. The units are laid out to suit the customer's worksite.

    • The chamber method adopted for accurate inspection. Pass or fail is judged according to the leak amount against the leak threshold value.
    • A mixed flow leak test made possible with Automatic size detection. A production plan be selected freely.
    • Cycle time: 20 to 30 seconds *Depends on the equipment
    • Master check on the equipment performed during automatic operation. Normal inspection maintained.
  • Applicable wheel size : 13~20 inch
  • Detectable leak rate : 1.0x10-5Pa・m3/s
  • Detection method : Vacuum chamber method
Aluminum wheel leak tester
Detection method
Vacuum chamber method
Cycle time
20 to 30 seconds* (Per chamber) * The time varies depending on the specifications, program, and chamber section.
Workpiece size
Up to 13” to 20” in diameter/ up to 10” in width
Detectable leak rate
Helium charging pressure
Chamber internal pressure
Helium concentration
10% or less* * As an option, a helium recycling unit can be installed.
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