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860 Pressure Curing Oven (PCO)

    A Pressure Curing Oven (PCO), or Autoclave, is used to minimize voiding and increase adhesion strength for bonding processes typically used in die attach and underfill applications.

    • PCO pressurizes air into a rigid vessel and heats & cools with forced convection.
    • Heaters, heat exchangers and blowers are internal to the pressure vessel.
    • When the curing process is complete, the Pressure Curing Ovens automatically relieves its pressure to 1atm and cools.
  • Composite Forming for the printing industry
  • Die Attach Curing
  • Wafer Laminating
  • Thermal Compress Bonding
  • Underfill Curing
  • Via Filling
  • Film & Tape Bonding
Process time
Generally 120 min or User’s spec
Operating temp
60oC ~ 200oC
Maximum temp
Operating pressure
1 bar – 10 bar
24 Magazines (typical)
Cooling method
PCW (17oC – 23oC)
Cooling water pressure
25 – 40 psi
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