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    The HAWKEYE 2000 is the latest revolution in X-ray chip counting systems.
    In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers, we have further increased efficiency and maximized the customer’s ROI.

    The HAWKEYE2000 only needs one button to count various components automatically in a few seconds. The HAWKEYE2000 can also count up to four reels (180 mm) simultaneously. Various chips and components are counted, with the results sent directly to the SMD material management server (ERP system). Also during this process, a new bar code label is printed for the purpose of updating off-line records. Techvalley has been improving their X-ray Chip Counter series since 2013, to the current fifth generation Chip Counter. We are evolving the ‘Automated X-ray Chip Counter’ to ensure advanced, automatic counting for a wider range of components, faster and efficiently with more flexibility.

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  • World’s best X-ray component counting technology
  • High performance automatic chip counting with a wide range
  • User Friendly Options
X-ray Tube
- kV Range: 20 ~ 55 kV - mA Range: 0 ~ 2 mA
X-ray Detector
- Size: 430 X 430 mm FPXD - Pixel Pitch: 140 um
- Feeding Door Type
- Counting up to 4 reels simultaneously - Inspection Time: 6 sec (1 Reel), 6 sec (4 Reels)
- Weight: 760 kg - Dimension: 900 X 1,579 X 1,829 mm